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A permanent monumental lighting project for the Millenia Tower designed by Pritzker Prize laureate Kevin Roche in Singapore, since 2013

Magic Monkey was selected by the Pontiac Land Group to create a lighting design that would highlight one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, the Millenia Tower designed by the Pritzker Laureate, Architect Kevin Roche. The magic monkey design concept was developed as follows: (1) Emotional well-being for an iconic location in the Garden City. (2) Subdued lighting: subtle colors and movements are directly inspired by Singapore’s natural elements, the rich flora, the local tropical skies, the water and the breeze by the Bay. The color palette displayed on the Millenia Tower comes directly from the local flora and the tropical Singaporean skies. The motion is subdued, subtle and natural, the Millenia Tower is animated as if a breeze coming from the Marina was passing by gently. The proximity of the Millenia Tower to the Gardens by the Bay was also an inspiration for the design concept to develop a nature-based and integrated animated content. Marina Bay South becomes an iconic green space. (3) Integrating and enhancing the building’s architecture: the same physical crown during the daytime morphs into an elegant ethereal delight of subtle colors and movements at night.


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