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Exterior illumination of 't Walletje in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, permanent since 2014.

Magic Monkey was commissioned by AGSO Knokke-Heist to design an exterior lighting solution for their new building t’Walletje designed by the Architects A2Bi to increase the visibility of their main building. Magic Monkey suggested backlighting the façade’s kinetic perforated bronze aluminum panels with amber LED linear lighting fixtures. When night falls, the building comes alive with a warm glowing light effect of the same amber color as the bronze anodized aluminum metal panels. The perforated metal panels appear as shadow patterns in front of the warm amber glowing LED light grazing the surface of the wall behind each panel. By individually controlling the light intensity of each lighting fixture from 0 to 100%, several times per second, subtle animated effects are created on all 4 facades.


WEB LINKS - AGSO Knokke-Heist - B2Ai Architects

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